Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wildcard Wednesday: Where Do I Store It All? Part 3

They last two Wednesday I shared where I hide store all of my dishes & linens.
{If you missed those posts, be sure to click here & here to see my dish-addiction collection.}
But now on to my third & final week of "Where Do I Store It All?"

You've seen my dishes & linens, but I haven't shown you where I keep those extra tablescape know, candles, vases, trays, etc.  So I'll show you a couple hiding places.

First, let's head back to the bathroom.  If you remember, last week I shared that the top shelf holds extra crystal & glass, as well as some china that once belonged to my grandma.  Well, the 2nd shelf holds a few goodies, too.

Cupcake holders, tiered holders {taken apart if possible to take up less space}, & a few tall candleholders fill the right side........
{It's hard to stack a "broken down" cupcake holder, so it looks a little messy!}

........while a few more lanterns & a stack of trays occupies the left.

Here's a look at the trays behind.

And just to prove this is really in the bathroom, here's a little shot that shows those towels on the 3rd shelf.

Okay, now on to the utility, where I'm lucky to have this row of cabinets......

Just for fun, here's a look at the decor above the cabinets.

I had planned on straightening the cabinets up a bit & adding some labels, but a crazy week, combined with not feeling well, changed those plans a little.  So here it is.....

As you can tell, the top shelf of the 2 left cabinets is filled with candles, while the 2nd shelf holds vases & a few medium size candle holders.
{Looks like those vases need a good cleaning!}

The basket on the 2nd shelf holds all of my bud might remember seeing those silver ones & the colorful bird ones in previous posts.

The bottom shelf has three baskets........two are filled with votive & tealight holders, while the smaller basket in the middle holds actual votive & tealight candles.

The cabinet on the far right houses a few more candles & candleholders on the top shelf & my jar candles on the bottom.

And because my husband thinks batteries & light bulbs are important for some reason :), I left a little room for those, too.  {The larger basket contains light bulbs, while the smaller holds the batteries. Obviously the light bulbs are overflowing, as you can see a few "outside" of the basket.}

As far as the rest of my seasonal & centerpiece decor, tub after tub fills our large attic.  {Sorry, you're not going to get a pic today.....maybe someday.}  My husband even put down some carpet so that I could comfortably sit as I "search  my tubs." 

But just to give you a visual, about 4-5 spring/summer tubs {holding garden, beach, & patriotic decor, as well as greenery}, about 3-4 fall tubs {holding faux pumpkins, gourds, acorns, & more greenery}, and more than 25 Christmas tubs - no that's not a typo - {holding ornaments, trees, & other decor} line the attic.  That doesn't include a tub of my collection of Lolita goblets, some metal beverage tubs & buckets, keepsake items, & old tax papers!  Let's just say that sometimes I'm worried that the attic floor is gonna cave..........but I am so thankful for the space!

Oh & one more little hiding space for today......remember that table in the entry way?

Well, there's a "secret" compartment.
 It holds several salad serving sets, cake & pie servers, ice scoops, & other serving utensils.

I realize it's hard to see because they're all in plastic bags, so I pulled one cake server out just for you. 
Don't you just love it?  I have one with a zebra print heel, too.

Okay, that's it for now.  See, this wasn't as bad fun as last week's storage, was it?

Hope you've enjoyed seeing all of my hiding spots!