Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wildcard Wednesday: Signs of review {Part 2}

Can you believe that spring is officially gone & summer is here?
The record number of 100+ temperatures here remind us that summer is definitely here!

A few weeks ago I reviewed the little touches of spring inside our house.

Outside, a little of our work (more of my hubby's than mine!), mixed with God's amazing work, resulted in a few spring changes, too.  Here are a few highlights.  {Click here, here & here for full posts.}


Goodbye, Spring!  Hello, Summer!

{We have a few new blooms these days, too.  As soon as I can bear the heat for a few minutes, I'll have to snap a few shots to share with you.  Hope all of my blogging friends are doing well.  I'm a little over 9 weeks now & the baby is doing great!  I'm hopeful to be back to blogland in a few weeks!   Thanks for your patience & prayers!}