Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Year, New View

January is a time for reflecting, for renewing, for resolving.  As you'll see in some of my posts to come, I've been doing some reflecting myself.  Through that process, I've realized that out of fear of what others might think, I often "guard" my heart and my thoughts.  While there is definitely a time and place to keep things to yourself, there is also a time and place to be transparent.  So as a result, I've decided to start this blog.  While it will be fun & easy for me to blog about dishes & decorating (which I'm sure I'll do plenty of), blogging about my inner thoughts, my struggles, and my lessons won't be so easy.  To be honest, I'm actually a little nervous about opening up.  However, my prayer is that by peeling back the layers and letting you in to see a little deeper into my heart, that healing and growth will come...both for me and for anyone who may come across my blog.  So whether it's a post about decorating or a post about something that God's put on my heart, I pray that it blesses you.

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