Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Favorites: Cross My Art

I want to share one of my recent purchases that has quickly become one of my favorite things!  Last fall at An Affair of the Heart in OKC I saw & fell in love with this cross art. 
(For those of you who aren't familiar with An Affair of the Heart, it's so much fun.  Twice a year in OKC, hundreds of vendors - enough to fill up 7 or 8 buildings - selling everything from jewelry to decor to kitchen utensils, gather in one place to sell their merchandise.  It's the ultimate shopping never know what treasures you might find!)

Not only did I love the layered crosses & the distressed wood frame,  but I loved the colors.  And for those of you who know me, it's a given that I loved the animal print!  Right away I knew the perfect spot for coordinated perfectly with our bedroom colors and we had a blank wall just begging to be decorated!  The only problem was it was already sold.  I was so disappointed!  But my disappointed quickly turned to excitement as I was told that if I wanted to order one, she would bring it with her to the February Affair of the Heart! 

At the time, it seemed so far away, but before I knew it February had rolled around.  I excitedly went to pick up my new treasure! 

Getting back to the car with it, on the other hand, wasn't so exciting!  It's not the easiest thing to carry, & I had to walk close to a mile, avoiding muddy "snow puddles," along the way.  I even had a couple strangers remark that I was probably regretting having bought it now.  While I courteously laughed and nodded my head, inside I was thinking it was worth every step!

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