Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Favorites: Creating Custom Cookies

This past weekend I was asked to make some cookies for a friend's baby shower.  Ordinarily, this might not seem like any big deal......but as I was preparing the cookies, I begin to reminisce a be reminded of all the times in the past I've made these cookies.  You see, these cookies have become part of mine & my husband's story..... 

{cookies for baby shower}
{notice the cookies mimic the circles on the shower invitation}

It's been almost 10 years since my husband & I started dating.  At the time, I was still living at home, and to be perfectly honest, didn't really know a thing about cooking or baking (spoiled, I know). 

But one day, I decided I wanted to try my hand at some decorated sugar cookies. 

The cookies were decorating skills, not so much!  

Despite my lack of artistic ability, I continued to make & decorate the cookies......they became somewhat of a creative outlet for me.......making different shapes for different occasions.......mostly for my soon-to-be-husband......but sometimes for family & friends.

There were Christmas ones & Easter ones........

.......patriotic ones & Halloween ones......

...... cookies on a stick......

......why, I even made some golf & airplane cookies for the guys in my life.....

(Sorry the quality of these pre-digital photos are so bad!!  But you get the idea!)
Despite all of my best efforts, the decorating never quite turned out like I hoped.
Then one day, my husband (well, boyfriend at the time) offered to help me decorate some cookies for a very important upcoming event......
the OU/Texas game!
(Hey, that's like a holiday around these parts!)

He even made his own cookie cutters, bending the metal from a couple other cookie cutters, until he achieved the shapes he wanted.

So we worked together on the cookies.......

Little did we know that it was the beginning of a that we would enjoy doing together many that would become one of my FAVORITES!

But anyway, back to my we continued on our dating journey, we continued making cookies together for special occasions......typically I'd bake & he'd decorate.

Not only did we make these fun cookies for our engagement party.......

{these may be my all-time favorite!}
......but we even went so far as to give our wedding guests cookie cutters!

As time went on, we  began to get a few requests from family & friends.....

{ducks, butterflies, bunnies, flowers, and hummingbirds for a baby shower - I absolutely love the green hummingbirds!}

.......a baby shower here, a birthday party there......

{turtles, fish, seashells, starfish, lobsters, & seahorses for an "Under the Sea" birthday party}

.......not to mention the holidays.......

{flowers, bunnies, & eggs for Easter}

{Valentine's Day hearts}

{toy soldiers}



{peacocks for a Christmas open house to go with our "peacock" Christmas tree}

I even talked him into helping with some high heel cookies for my "girl's night" last December. 

{Aren't these the cutest?}

So while these are just a "taste" of the many designs we've done together (unfortunately, we don't have pictures of some of them), it's easy to see that these cookies have become more than just cookies to us......
they've become a FAVORITE tradition!

(Check back Tuesday for the recipe to these sweet cookies, as well as a wonderful icing recipe!)

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