Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tablescape Thursday: Garden of Eatin'

Then God planted a garden in Eden, in the east.  He put the man he had just made in it.  God made all kinds of trees grow from the ground, trees beautiful to look at and good to eat.......
Genesis 2: 8-9 (The Message)
A few weeks ago, when I got the idea to do this "Garden of Eatin' " tablescape, I began imagining what the Garden of Eden must have looked like...........with trees, flowers, fruit, & other plants in abundance, in every color possible, with a beautiful river flowing nearby, with birds chirping in the air and animals frolicking. 
As many times as I've seen breathtaking gardens & landscapes, I'm sure they can't possibly have measured up to the Garden of Eden.  After all, this garden was created by God Himself, while the world was yet perfect.  (It wasn't 'til after man sinned that God stated that there would be thistles & thorns.)  It was perfect....a true paradise!
So while I knew my tablescape couldn't possibly measure up to the beauty of the real thing, I still wanted to attempt to make my version of the Garden of Eden using dishes & accessories.

Of course, the table had to be outdoors, with trees & birds all around.

First, I wanted something light & breezy as the bottom layer, so I chose this sheer yellow-green overlay.  Then, to add a little texture & color, I topped it with this fun, colorful table runner, just casually layed across the table. 

Here's a closer look at the colorful birds on the runner.
{I didn't realize until I was putting this post together that the edge was folded over!}

For each place setting, I began with a green leaf charger, followed by a dark royal blue plate with a tropical fruit design.  Then I added a flower plate & small bowl.   
An orange napkin rests casually nearby. 

While this all-fruit breakfast in the garden doesn't really require any flatware, a clear acrylic fork sits close by just in case.  (Plus, a tablescape just doesn't seem complete with some flatware!)

Because there was already so much color, I chose these clear glass goblets.
Here's a closer look at all those layers:

A sweet little bird creamer, used as a bud vase, sits in each bowl.
{Those flowers just keep appearing in all my posts!  But, I have to admit, I'm thinking they don't have much life left in them at this point!}

Here's a better view of the little bird creamer bud vase:

And speaking of birds, here's a "bird's eye view" of the table:

A bright red colander, filled with a variety of fruit, is ready to be eaten.

A small pitcher of orange juice rests on a stack of flower plates.

 Breakfast is served in the "Garden of Eatin' ". 
 Who wants to join me?

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Table Runner/Flower Plates & Bowls/Orange Napkins - Pier 1
Leaf Charger - by Tracy Porter/Horchow
Tropical Fruit Plate - Target (years ago)
Bird Creamers - The Market
Clear Acrylic Flatware - Walmart (years ago)
Glass Goblets - Walmart or Dollar Tree

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  1. Garden of Eating! Love it. Grand colors pop under that huge tree. Inspired. Thanks for posting your creative tablescape. ~CJ

  2. I so very much love this table! The vivid colors, the different dishes, the fruit, the flowers, and the backdrop.. wow this is fabulous.

  3. Such a pretty setting! Great colors and lovin' your table runner, it's so fun-enjoy:@)

  4. Great table, the setting is fabulous especially when I still have snow in the forecast. Your colors are vivid and refreshing and I love your table runner. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love lots of color and you have offered it with this delightful table, Shae!

  6. Your table runner is beautiful! You have accented it so nicely in this little tablescape. Makes me yearn for warmer weather!

  7. These colors make me happy. It is such a beautiful setting. The little ducks are precious touches to the table.

  8. Hi, Just love your blog and table scapes….I love dishes too. I subscribed and am a follower too. You mentioned in an older post shift work, are you a nurse?I am an RN but not practicing.raising my family and trying to do our best! Your home is gorgeous. Thanks for your blog….I don't have one but appreciate and love to read family and home blogs, take care.

  9. Hi Emelia, Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad to have you as a follower! I'm actually not a nurse, but I do work for a hospice. I'm the bereavement coordinator, but we all take shifts being on-call when a patient or family just needs someone to sit with them at the end. God bless, Shae

  10. Thank you Shae, We just lost 3 family members (FIL, other close people) this year. My grandmother lived until 93 yo and had hospice…I am from Charleston SC and they treated her very well. We also rotated through hospice in school and I really "liked" that rotation.I believe hospice is very valuable and important for family members to deal with all the intense issues.I tried to get hopsice for family situations but all family and caregivers must agree of course. God Bless your work and you. Thank you.

  11. Great vignette! I love the bright, clear colors. The primitive birds seem quite appropriate for a Garden of Eden tablescape. Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay