Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Favorites: Shoe Love

Other than dishes, there is probably nothing I love more than SHOES......heels, flats, flip flops, name it.  I guess you could say I'm head over heels for shoes.

There's just something about slipping on a great pair of shoes that makes you feel better, that touches your sole soul......something magical about it.  After all, it was Dorothy's ruby red slippers that got her where she wanted to go & Cinderella's glass slipper that helped her to move up in life & be united with her prince charming. 

Okay, so maybe shoes don't have quite that much power in real life, but I do think that sometimes the right shoes can just help you feel better......prettier, more feminine, more comfortable.

Since this week is "National Shoe Week," I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite shoes with all of you shoe-lovers out there.  I have to admit, there is no tiptoeing around it......I have a lot of shoes!  Come on now, don't be a goody two-shoes..... I know I'm not the only one! 
{You wouldn't want me to give you the boot, would you?}

So whether you share the same shoe-love & have "walked in my shoes" or whether "the shoe's on the other foot" for you, I hope you take a couple minutes to put up your feet & enjoy the show.
{I promise I'm done with the puns now!}

I love a great pair of heels for church or those special occasions.....

 This pair by LifeStride is one of my FAVORITE pairs for spring & summer! 
Don't you just love the cute beaded dragonfly?

And these heels by Liz Claiborne {seen in my recent Pink Queen of Sole tablescape} are great just about any time of the year
{well, maybe not if it's below 50*, but anytime other than that!}

So what about those days that are below 50*?  Well, there's always boots!
These ankle boots by Antonio Melani are so much fun.

But I have to be honest, as much as I love the look of heels & boots, they are not always the most comfortable.  So I also have a large collection of flats that I wear to work quite often.....

I love the tone-on-tone sequins of these Steve Madden flats.....

And these zebra print flats by Yellow Box are to die for!  As if they wouldn't be cute just with the zebra print, one large clear rhinestone adorns the top!

These leopard print flats by Gianni Bini are not only adorable, but they are some of my most comfortable shoes! {The buckle is what sold me on them!}

Of course, why pay for an expensive pedi if you're just gonna hide your toes?
Sometimes, you just gotta show 'em off......

These fun flats by Naught Monkey are adorned with multiple colored rhinestones, making them easily paired with a variety of outfits.

What?  Not enough toe showing? 
Well, check out these sparkly sandals from the B2 by Bernardo collection.

Still too much shoe?  Well how about these CL by Laundry sandals? 
Wouldn't they be so much fun for a garden party?
And these cute leopard print sandals with the red rhinestone buckle {by Vaneli} are great for Spring, Summer, or Fall!
 I love the color combo of the brown leather & turquoise rhinestones on this Yellow Box pair!
{Guess by now you're learning that I love me some animal print & a little bling!}

But I have to say, if I had my choice, I'd wear flip flops ALL the time.

A little bling dresses up this pair by New York & Co.....
.....while these flip flops by SO are great for a more casual look.

But then there's these {again by Yellow Box} most comfortable pair of shoes EVER!

But what about those rainy days?

I love a great pair of rainboots......I have to admit, even though I already have 2 pairs, I'm always seeing cute rainboots that I'd love to have!

And then there's those snow days {which, although only a handful of days each year, can be pretty crazy in Oklahoma}......gotta have a great pair of snow boots!
The band of fur on the top of these Coach snow boots definitely helps keep you warm!

Okay, just one more......a great pair of houseshoes {yet another pair by Yellow Box} are not only soothing on a tired feet, but their bright pink color & bling just put a smile on your face!

Believe it or not, this is just a small sampling of my shoes!  {I plan to do a post on shoe storage in the near future, so you'll get to see a few more!}  But I have to admit, while it might look like I spend a lot of money on shoes, I love a good bargain & the majority of these (with the obvious exception of the Coach boots) were less than $30 a pair! 

In case you're wondering, here'a a quick run down of where I got 'em:
{Keep in mind, I purchased most of these at least a year ago & some as much as 5 or 6 years ago!}
Dragonfly Heels - Famous Footwear on sale
Leopard Heels - Steinmart on sale plus a coupon
Leopard Boots - Dillards on the clearance rack
Steve Madden Flats - Ross (enough said)
Zebra Flats - 1/2 off at a little shoe store in Marlow, OK
Leopard flats - Dillards on sale
Naughty Monkey Peep Toe Flats - Ebay (about 1/2 the regular cost, but still new)
Green Sandal by Bernardo - Westies on sale
Rose Sandal - Ross
Leopard Sandal with Red Buckle - 1/2 off at The Webb (a little store in Norman, OK)
Brown/Turquoise Sandal - on sale at Shoetopia (another little store in Norman)
Pink Flip Flops - New York & Co on sale & with coupon
Animal Print Flip Flips - Steinmart (likely on sale or coupon)
Yellow Box Flip Flops - Shoe Warehouse on sale
Rainboots - Steinmart on sale
Coach Snow Boots - Ebay (about 1/2 the regular price, but still brand new)
House shoes - Hallmark!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope to see you again soon!

I'm joining How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday!


  1. Wow, you do love bling. I did not know it was national shoe week. That just works perfectly with my post. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Shae, Just stunning all your selections of shoes. I love all the colors and bling as accents. Your care and attention to detail is so lovely and reinforces that home, family and values due matter.Thank you for your kind response to my previous comment. May God Bless you and yours this Memorial Day weekend. One would never ever guess you a new blogger. You are very talented!

  3. A woman after my own heart! Did you ever see the saying, "Never underestimate what a pair of shoes can do for you"....they had it with a picture of Cinderella's glass slippers! I still have a pair from high school and I've been gone a loooooong time.
    Fun share today!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Ahhh shoes ... sandals, boots, pumps, flats and everything in between and all around, how can you not love shoes ! You have some great styles !
    Happy pink Saturday.

  5. Enjoyed seeing all the different shoes. I could live in flip flops if my feet did not get too cold in the winter. I ruined my feet years ago wearing high heels and pointed toes. Never again.

  6. So love the dragonfly sandals, Shae. I, too, LOVE sandals. A big 'sin' of mine ... oh,my poor closet is full of shoes.

    Have a beautiful PS week.
    TTFN ~

  7. Oh how I wish I had little narrow feet to wear such cute shoes, alas I do not. You shoes are great!

  8. Love lime and pink and love shoes! Great collection.

    I do live in my Skecher fit flops, but I just found the most divine sandal heels less than 1/3 the original price. Now I just need somewhere to wear them! :=)

    Happy Pink Saturday! (PS 3rd Birthday giveaway ends tonight.)

  9. Wow, girl, you have some fine shoes there!! I love the leopard patterned flats. Too cute!!

    Happy Pink Saturday weekend.

  10. Ahhhh, a shoe girl after my own heart! Love the bling! I'm a flip flop kind of girl now! But still want that bling!