Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wildcard Wednesday: Color & Couture Fashion Show

This past Friday I had the privilege of attending the IIDA (International Interior Design Association) OKC 3rd annual "Color & Couture Fashion Show."  This fashion show is unlike any other. 
{Actually, I haven't been to too many other fashion shows, but I can bet that they're not like this one!}
Interior designers & architects from across Oklahoma come together for this amazing event, with the main purpose of raising funds for Positive Tomorrows.  Divided into groups of about 5-7, they are assigned both a color and a material, such as carpet, tile, wallcovering, etc.  They then have to design a dress using their assigned material & color!  Some of the designs are absolutely unbelievable!

So how did I hear about this fantastic event, you might ask?  Well, my sister is an interior designer & she has participated for the past two years (and her dresses have been amazing, I might add).  After attending last year's show, I was so excited when this one rolled around!

To get started, here's a few of my favorites, strutting their stuff on the runway. 
The models are members of the group, not actual models, but they even get to participate in a modeling class beforehand!
{You'll have to forgive all the heads in the way!}
{Yes, she was about to come out of her dress!}

And now here's a few close ups of all the teams with their description:

Team 1
Product: Carpet
{The tulle skirt was removeable, giving the dress a couple of options.}
{Can you believe carpet was used for the majority of this dress?!}

Team 2
Purple Passage
Product: Vinyl Wallcovering
{This one won for best use of materials!  Although, I have to tell you, the material just about didn't cover a few crucial places!  It's hard to see her hair in this pic, but if you look at the last runway pic above, you can get bet a better idea!}

Team 3
Indigo Batik
Product: Tile & Rubber Base

Team 4
Product: Carpet

Team 5
Exuberant Pink
Product: Upholstery Fabric

Team 6
Product: Tile

Team 7
Product: Vinyl Wallcovering
{I thought this one looked like something you could really buy at a boutique!}

Team 8
Chivalry Copper
Product: Chair Fabric

Team 9
Product: Vinyl Flooring

Team 10
Product: Carpet
{This one is my sister's design!  Yes, there is a real parakeet in there!}
Here's a close up of CC the parakeet. 
{She's since been renamed "Twitter" because she was given up for adoption after the show.} 

And here's my sister's team!  {She's the one in the middle.}

Team 11
Steely Gray
Product: Plastic Laminate
{This one won designer's choice, which is kind of like Ms. Congeniality!}

Team 12
Garden Grove
Product: Vinyl Flooring

Team 13
Habanero Chile
Product: Upholstery Fabric
{You can't see the back of this one, but it had a long train with hearts all the way down it, in honor of one of the sponsors, "Love's Country Store."  Very clever!}

 Team 14
Product: Tile
{You can't really tell in the pic, but the wings had LED lights all lit up!  Amazing!  It won viewer's choice & best showmanship! }

How would you like to wear some of those dresses? I bet some were super heavy!!!

Hope you enjoyed the show!

Which is your favorite?

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