Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Frosting Filled Cupcakes

Wow!  It seems like it's been forever since I've blogged, but I'm hoping to slowly start blogging again!  Thanks to all of my followers who have been patient with me over the past couple months!

Two weeks ago today was one of the most exciting days I've had during my pregnancy.........it was gender reveal day!  My hubby & I decided we wanted to find out what we were having, but instead of just calling our families, we wanted to tell them all at once during dinner.  But of course, we couldn't just tell them.....that would be too easy!  So we decided to make frosting filled cupcakes, pink frosting for a girl and blue for a boy!  So off to the internet I went to find out just how to fill the cupcake with this special frosting.  And I thought I'd share this very easy tutorial with you.

1) Using whatever recipe you desire, bake your cupcakes & let cool. 
(Okay, so I cheated & used a box mix.)

2)  Using a sharp knife, cut a cone shape out of the middle.

3) Fill the hole with frosting.

 3) Place the "cone" back on the cupcake, gently pressing down.

4) Add icing to the top to cover your cut.

It's that easy!!!

So back to the story......we had dinner with our families, making them wait the whole night to find out what we were having.  They loved the suspense & were constantly trying to get us to accidentally slip up & say "he" or "she."

Then came dessert.  Everyone picked their color of cupcake, and at our direction, they all took a bite at the same time......and this is what they saw!!!

So, in case you didn't catch the icing in the middle.....
It's a Girl!!!

Can't wait to meet our sweet baby girl in early February!


  1. Congratulations, Shae! You will soon have a little assistant to help you with creating those beautiful tablescapes!! xo,

  2. no suspense for me...I knew it was a girl all along! but sad i missed dinner, would have loved to have seen them trying to get you to slip!

  3. Hi Congrats on baby girl!!!!Hope you are feeling much better. Blessings.

  4. Just passing through and thought id say hello. Richard from Amish Stories.