Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Favorites: Basket Case

Today I'm making a case for baskets & containers.  {Get it?  Basket Case.}

Why?  Because I love them.....any shape, any size, any style. 
I love using them not only to organize my huge amount of "stuff," but also as gifts. 

And since putting together fun gift baskets is one of my FAVORITE things to do, I thought I'd share a few gift "baskets" I've put together over the past few years {& maybe along the way it'll get your creative juices flowing as well}!

Up first is this little gift basket I put together for a co-worker who was having a sweet baby boy.  {I bought the basket clearanced after Easter.}

And this is an all blue & green Easter basket I gave to my husband a few years back.
{I was too lazy to dig up some of my pre-digital pics, but one year I put together a golf-themed Easter basket for my husband, using more natural materials.  The brown twig-like basket not only held golf supplies, but it was lined with a golf green (made out of moss), complete with a hole (made out of a little sauce cup) & a golf flag!}

 Or instead of a basket, you could use a trunk.
 I put this together for my little "tween" cousin, who was re-doing her room in turquoise, lime green, & zebra at the time.  It's full of fun desk accessories!
{I also made the memo board in the background......I'll have to do a tutorial on it someday!}

Another option is to use an urn or planter!

 I put this together for my husband for Valentine's Day a couple years ago.  It's filled-to-the-brim with tools.  I attached little notes to each tool that went along with the item, such as "you light up my life" & "we make a good pair."

You can also use caddies to hold the items.  I love using containers that coordinate with the theme & can serve multiple functions!  This is a "basket" of fun pink & green cleaning supplies I put together for a young friend who was getting married.  It would also be great for someone who was moving into a new house.

 I tied various styles of pink & green ribbon to the handle to add a little more pizzazz.

Remember the cousin I made the "desk accessory" basket for?  Well, the following year, I put together this "bathroom accessory" basket, complete with a personalize bathwrap.
I added ribbon to the flip flops as well {another future tutorial!}.

It even includes coordinating blue & green nail polish!

I think this would make a great gift for a college student, too!

Another option is to use a colander!
I put this together for another friend who was getting married.  Again, it would be great as a house-warming gift.
 I randomly pulled ribbon through the holes in the colander & tied bows.

Another colander basket with a simple bow tied around it:

And last year for Easter, I made a basket for my hubby using a trash can!  It's filled with OU items. 

I love doing themed baskets.  For the past few years, I've done a different "theme" for my sister every year.  For instance, there's been polka dots, houndstooth, eiffel tower, damask, numbers, etc.  Here are a few examples.

This one included polka dot bowls, napkins, coasters, etc.
I used this beverage tub as a basket, holding other polka dot serving pieces.  Notice the ribbon, tissue, & notecard are also polka dot.

Just recently I did an all numbers theme, including cocktail napkins, plates, & a little pitcher.
I had already purchased all of the filler items items, when I came across this fabulous mirrored box at TJ Maxx, with numbers all over it!  It was absolutely perfect to use as a gift basket.
{It's hard to take pics of mirrored items because all of the surrounding items - including the carpet it was sitting on - are reflected.  Oh well.}
I even found some "number" tissue paper!

And last, but not least, remember these galvanized tubs I decorated for a couple friends' baby showers?
They'll be great for holding baby supplies after the baby arrives!

Well, even though this is just a small sampling of the baskets I've put together (just the pics I could quickly get my hands on), it's quite easy to see that I love gift baskets. 

Hope it got your creative juices flowing.  I'd love to hear from you some creative gift baskets you've put together!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great Friday!

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  1. This one of the most creative and best posts ever for ideas in gift giving ever! I know you could have a business just selling custom gift baskets. I am going to use this post as a reference for future gift giving ideas. Thank you so much. I love the pink caddy and green and blue bath basket. Thank you so much!It was very sweet of you to share these beautiful gifts with us.